Everyone... Who Wants More Life.

Whether you have been following Jesus for years or are just testing the waters of trusting Him, this is for you. In the weeks to come, we will create space for God to speak with each of us and point us toward more life than ever before.

This is not for the faint of heart. It is for those willing to explore, to listen and take steps forward. Willing to take a risk that God is near and will point us in the direction of life. Willing to believe Jesus just enough to take Him at His Word, invite Him to speak, and then act on what is heard.

It is for those of us who want even more life than ever before. Life for us and life for those around us. For those of us who have a sense that God has more in mind than we have experienced so far.

ANYONE can have this conversation. ANYONE. YOU can have this conversation. And it’s all about this question:

God, what do You want me to do with the good things You have given me?

God gives us good things out of His love for us so that we can ENJOY them. If you are enjoying what God has given you, good job!

There is more, though.
God always has more life in mind.