4Life Is 4 Things.

Jesus brings us to life so we can enjoy life with Him and share life with others. Alot of the 'good' of life falls into 4 categories: Good Connections, Good Friends, Good Strength & Good Resources. These bring excitement and joy multiplies when we share the good things of life with other people. It’s like a double gift... there’s life in receiving good from God AND there’s more life in giving that good to others. Life and more life!

4Life is all about taking the life and good that God has given and sharing it with others. It is about us leaning in together for a season of taking some of the good God gives us and giving it to others. 


4 Things

God gives us so many good things that we can share with others. Here are the 4 we will focus in in 4Life.

  • GOOD CONNECTIONS, in every way that makes sense, we invite our connections closer to Jesus.
  • GOOD FRIENDS, with the time and energy we have, choosing community multiplies the good God brings in our lives through good people.
  • GOOD STRENGTH, God invites us to take our strength and make a difference in the lives of others, pointing all of us to Jesus.
  • GOOD RESOURCES, Receiving is good, but Jesus says giving is better. We trust Jesus when we take the good we have and give generously.